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Welcome to Shopwork Xpress

We have only one goal and that is to help you do the repairs on your car, truck or equipment yourself. If you can take the item off the vehicle or equipment, but can’t remove and replace the bad part because it requires press work to be done, that where we come in, we do the press work for you!

What kind of shop work do we do?

  • We turn drums & rotors up to two ton trucks
  • We R&R power steering pulley
  • We R&R bushings and Ball joints for upper and lower control arms
  • We R&R front/Rear wheel bearings for most cars, trucks and trailers.
  • We R&R center support bearings
  • We R&R pinion and differential bearings
  • We R&R bearings on pulleys, axle shafts, alternators and generators
  • We R&R wheel studs as well as drum & rotor re-hubs

*** We only work on the part itself, you must Remove & Replace it from the vehicle ***

Above is just a list of the common work that we do every day and by no means is it a complete listing. So if you don’t see your shop work needs listed, please feel free to call us. We have 38 years of experience doing all kinds of shop work and there is no job to big or too small for us. We are here to help you do the job yourself.

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